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To: All Members, Partners, and Friends of the Rochester Academy of Medicine

From: Ryan Johnson, Executive Director

Date: 7/3/2023

Re: Rochester Academy of Medicine 2023 Awards - Call for Nominations!

The Rochester Academy of Medicine Awards Committee invites you to submit nominations for our 2023 Annual Award Program. This award program offers a special opportunity to acknowledge and commend our colleagues and community through a variety of special individual, team, and community awards. Below is a listing, definition, and nomination process for each award.

Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement Awards recognize outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in particular disciplines through lifetime service, innovation, inspiration, collaboration, and community dedication. Nominations for these awards can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation highlighting why you feel the individual merits the recognition. Copies of CV’s should also be included.

1. Dr. Albert David Kaiser Medal: Physician Lifetime Achievement

The Dr. Albert David Kaiser medal is awarded to one physician who exemplifies outstanding professional and personal qualities and lifetime service in areas of medicine, public health and/or community welfare. The award represents recognition of lifetime achievement of local, regional, national, and even international contributions to medicine.

2. The Dr. Madeline H. Schmitt, PhD, RN, FAAN Award for Interprofessional Education

In recognition of a lifetime of local, regional, national and even international contributions, this award is bestowed upon a healthcare professional who has most demonstrably ‘broken barriers in healthcare’ and continues to change the landscape of healthcare education and practice through steadfast teaching of the importance of collaborative teamwork and by routinely fostering the inclusion of patients, families, healthcare providers and community partners in the delivery of the highest quality of care.

3. Advanced Practice Provider

The Advanced Practice Provider award is bestowed to any advance practice provider (NP, PA, CRNA, CNM, etc.) who has demonstrated a strong ability to work collaboratively within a healthcare team to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based, patient and family focused care. This professional will be shown to have contributed a lifetime of service in going beyond traditional service models by instituting innovative practices that positively advance the effectiveness of the valuable services they provide in delivering excellent patient care.

Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service Awards recognize individuals/teams for outstanding service in promoting health in the community. The award is to reflect the interdisciplinary approach of the Academy. Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition. Copies of CV’s should also be included.

1. Distinguished Service Early in Career - This award recognizes an individual healthcare professional that is within 5 years of obtaining their professional degree (e.g., RN, NP, PA, MD, PhD, PharmD, DO) and has already provided distinguished service in their specialty area.

2. Distinguished Service as a Healthcare Team - This award recognizes a team whose efforts have positively impacted the health within our community.

3. Distinguished Service in the Community - This award recognizes a community-based organization whose service to the community has been exceptional.

4. Distinguished Service as an Individual in Healthcare - This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have positively impacted the health within our community.

5. Distinguished Service in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - This award is given to an individual/team in recognition of development, implementation and/or evaluation of a program(s) that addresses issues of diversity, equity and/or inclusion that impacts the health within our community.


Academic Awards are given for scholarly writings that have been submitted or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals by those that are studying in the diverse fields of healthcare. The awards, and the $500 prize, will be presented during the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Nominations can be made by electronically submitting papers, along with a summary for each submission.

1. Kluge Trauma and Emergency Medical Service

Available to Health Care Professionals (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners,’ Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Students across the paradigm). This award is for the best paper pertaining to Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Care and Emergency Medicine, in recognition of Dr. Kluge’s interest in these fields of endeavor. The scientific paper should review a topic in Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Care and/or Emergency Medicine. The submission can also be related to current research or be a journal article in the above-mentioned fields. Examples: pre-hospital care, mass casualty, pandemic preparation, any aspect of Trauma-Critical Care, Acute Surgery and/or Emergency Medicine, or retrospective presentation.

2. Carter & T. Franklin Williams M.D. Geriatric

Award for the paper that best addresses a relevant topic in geriatrics that combines both medical and social issues. The paper may include research findings or may be a scholarly review of an important topic in geriatric medicine. It is available to healthcare professionals in training, for example, those studying for careers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and social work. Being a founding father of the field of geriatric medicine, T. Franklin Williams was an outstanding geriatrician, researcher, and administrator. This award is in recognition of the significant role both Carter and T. Franklin Williams have played locally and nationally in caring for the elderly.

3. Robert L. Berg, M.D. Community Health/Health Care Crisis

Award is for the paper that best addresses an ongoing local/regional/national Health Care challenge in the field of public health and/or preventive medicine. This award is in recognition of Dr. Robert L. Berg, the first Albert D. Kaiser Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health and chair of that Department at the University of Rochester from 1958 to 1984. Dr. Berg was a leader in championing improvements in community health and prevention locally and nationally.

Student Scholarships

Student Scholarship Awards are given to students per the successful application process for each award described below. The scholarship will be presented during the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Nominations can made by electronically submitting all requirements listed in the application.

1. Dr. Lemuel A. Rogers Jr. Memorial Scholarship

In partnership with Dr. Rogers' Family, the Black Physicians Network of Greater Rochester, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity and the Rochester Academy of Medicine, this scholarship is awarded to a current 4th year Black & African American Medical Student who best demonstrates how the story of Dr. Rogers both relates to and inspires their life. (The attached application provides more detail to the application requirements.)  Rogers Scholarship Application 2023

2. Ms. Rosa Wims “The Heart of Community Health, Bridging the Gap” Scholarship

To honor the legacy of Ms. Rosa Wims, the Rochester Black Nurses Association has created this scholarship that is to be awarded to an undergraduate African American/Black nursing student who demonstrates the principles of Ms. Wims including goal oriented, dedication to community, dedicated to service, future change agent and persistent. For any entry level-nursing student including RN and LPN. (The attached application provides more detail to the application requirements.)  Wims Scholarship Application 2023

Volunteer of the Year

1. Rochester Academy of Medicine Volunteer of the Year Award

The foundation of the Academy’s success is built on the volunteers that selflessly give their time, labor, and expertise to help the Academy move forward positively. This volunteer award is to recognize the person who has demonstrated an elevated level of initiative, creativity, and passion, and has been effective in helping the Academy achieve its mission and vision. Nominations can be made by submitting the name of your nominee(s) along with the supporting documentation to highlight why you feel the individual merits the recognition. Copies of CV’s should also be included.

The nomination deadline, for all materials, is 9/1/2023. All documents should be sent to Ryan Johnson electronically (

The Rochester Academy of Medicine will present its annual awards on October 17, 2023, at the Academy’s historic home at 1441 East Avenue, beginning at 6:30 PM. 

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