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The Rochester Academy of Medicine Advances Learning,

Encourages Service, and Initiates Collaboration in the Communities We Serve.  

RAoM Consortiums support Interprofessional Leadership around specific topics. 

Founders of the Academy

Dr. Edward B. Angell
Dr. Eveline Ballantyne
Dr. Charles A. Barber
Dr. William M. Brown
Dr. Robert Carson
Dr. Morey S. Collier
Dr. William L. Conklin
Dr. Robert Cook
Dr. Charles E. Darrow
Dr. Charles A. Dewey
Professor Charles W. Dodge
Dr. Simon L. Elsner
Dr. William S. Ely
Dr. George W. Goler
Dr. Summer Hayward
Dr. Alfred W. Henckell
Dr. Eugene H. Howard
Dr. William R. Howard
Dr. Joel M. Ingersoll
Dr. Frank A. Jones
Dr. S. Case Jones
Dr. William B. Jones
Dr. Henry Koch
Dr. Charles T. LaMour

Professor Samuel A. Lattimore
Dr. Horace J. Mann
Dr. Daniel J. Mason
Dr. Joseph W. McGill
Dr. Edward Mott Moore, Jr.
Dr. Richard Mott Moore
Dr. Edward W. Mulligan
Dr. Thomas O’Hare
Dr. Ezra B. Potter
Dr. Marion Craig Potter
Dr. John O. Roe
Dr. Lewis W. Rose
Dr. J. Livingston Rosebloom
Dr. E. Wood Ruggles
Dr. Nathan W. Soble
Dr. John Stapleton
Dr. Charles S. Starr
Dr. Enoch V. Stoddard
Dr. T. Oliver Tait
Dr. Louis A. Weigel
Dr. John F. W. Whitbeck
Dr. Henry T. Williams
Dr. Charles D. Young
Dr. Frederick W. Zimmer

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For CME or Events Please contact:

For all other inquiries Please contact:

1441 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610 585-271-1314

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