About Us

The Rochester Academy of Medicine advances learning, encourages service, and initiates collaboration in the communities we serve.

Our Vision: The Rochester Academy of Medicine will lead in fostering solutions that bring better health to our communities.

Our Values: Collaboration: Based on our rich history, we provide diverse perspectives in an unaffiliated environment. Integrity: We operate with the highest levels of respect and ethics in all we do. Leadership: We are community leaders in providing health education, promoting service and building partnerships. Diversity: We value diversity of people, talent and ideas– and believe that through differences, we can create the best solutions.

Imagine taking a step back in time- over 100 years ago. Experience an era where the common street sounds were those of horses' hoofs on cobblestone streets, children playing in the gardens, merchants delivering milk and ice, and the wealthy gathering for grand galas in the evenings, dancing to live music. What is now known as the Rochester Academy of Medicine was one such mansion.

In 1938, the Lyons children donated the mansion to the Academy of Medicine. Today, the Academy gives back to the medical community through learning, service and collaboration in the communities that it serves. They do this by hosting programs, classes such as CME accreditation and lectures for their members who include healthcare professionals, medical students and scholars.


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